The Amazon always surprising us.

The Amazon always surprising us. In 2014, an expedition to the Foz do Amazonas Basin with the Cruzeiro do Sul vessel from the Brazilian Navy confirmed the existence of a gigantic coral reef off the coast of Amapá and Pará. Researchers from the Universities of Amapá and Rio of January recorded 61 species of sponges and 73 species of fish, in addition to several types of calcareous algae, responsible for the construction of the base of the structure, the rhodoliths. The reef is 9,500 km² ( The result of the work was published in the scientific journal Science Advances in April 2016.

Recently, a group of researchers from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) presented research results describing the largest volume of drinking water in the world. The reserve is located in the northwest of the State of Pará, and the volume of water is up to 86 million square meters, in comparative terms, the new reservoir is almost twice the size of the Guarani Aquifer – with 45 thousand km³ of volume.

New Agreement between IBAMA, MPF and ISA has allocated R$ 34 millions to be used in recovery of Mata Atlantica in Santa Catarina State, SC Brazil.

Brasília (28/Dec/2017) – The Federal Public Ministry in Santa Catarina (MPF / SC) and the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA) signed a legal agreement with the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) to allocate R$ 34 million of Brazilian reais for projects to recover the Atlantic Forest in the state of Santa Catrina. The lawsuit sought to protect native Atlantic Forest species threatened with extinction, which were mistakenly included in authorizations for cutting and forest management in the state.

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our former president, Fernando D´Incao.

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our former president, Fernando D´Incao. For us of the Atlantis Institute, Fernando D´Incao, or just D´Incao, as we were used to call to him, was a great leader and an inspiring scientist. He has built an incredible career as professor of the University of Rio Grande and leader scientist of a research group which has formed tens new scientists. D´Incao became a professor of the University of Rio Grande in 1973 and an associated scientist of the Atlantis Institute in 2007. He has been the advisor of an uncountable number of Master of Science thesis and Doctorate dissertations, has published hundreds of scientific articles and notes, has teached tens of courses in the Undergraduate and Graduate courses of the University of Rio Grande and others in Brazil an abroad, and has occupied several administrative and scientific positions in the University. His heritage is an example for all scientists.
Besides his qualities as great scientist, he was also a great musician and a great friend.
He bravely fought his battle against cancer but unfortunately He lost it. We are deeply sorry for the loss of this incredible man who served all of us from his heart. He will be deeply missed.

Accreditation by ANP

Our Oil & Gas Unit, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro has recently received the accreditation by ANP (National Oil & Gas Agency). The accreditation was published in the Diário Oficial da União (Official State daily news) in May 13th, 2016. By being accredited, our Oil & Gas Unit is now officially recognized as a private Research Institute and may submit projects to ANP to be financed by oil & gas exploration royalties.