New members

Atlantis Institute is modernizing itself and expanding its areas of operation with the admission of new members. Marcelo Caire, mechanical engineer with a doctorate in marine engineering by COPPE / UFRJ, Joakim Taby, mechanical engineer with a Masters in naval architecture and marine engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Lilia Nicolli, materials engineer with a doctorate in material sciences from the University of Oslo, became Atlantis associates in early 2015 and are responsible for the new areas of Marine Technology and Oil Technology.

Atlantis headquarters has a new address

After 10 years operating in the city of Rio Grande in Rio Grande do Sul, Atlantis Institute has moved to the city of Curitiba, in Paraná. The decision came from the need to be located in a more central city with greater access to commercial and economic centers of Brazil. Curitiba not only provides a good access to the main centers of scientific-cultural-economic development of the country but it also provides the quality of life of a well-structured city, which is prepared for the challenges of sustainable development.