Atlantis Institute is a private, non-profitable and fully independent organisation. Currently, we do not receive any public subsidies or financial support from local, state or federal governments, whether in Brazil or any other country.

All resources used in the management and maintenance of the organization’s headquarters and its subsidiary, maintenance of laboratories, payroll of employees and researchers,  in the scholarship program and payment of the resources used in daily activities, are obtained from the sale of projects and services to customers.

Our most rewarding activity, both financially and scientifically, is the development of new technologies and new products aimed at increasing productivity, reducing waste and emissions of pollutants, thereby enabling sustainable development, which are sold to engineering companies and industries sector of energy and oil and gas sectors.


Established in December 5th, 2005, the Atlantis Institute was initially conceived as an organization that is dedicated to raise funds to support scientific projects of oceanography and related sciences.

The idea was born within the LENOC group (Numerical Experimentation Laboratory of Oceanography) of the Federal University of Rio Grande. A professor and four students working with numerical models for simulation of ocean dynamics had difficulty in approving projects in the public funding system and decided to create a private institute.

The numerical simulation of the ocean dynamics is one of the sciences known as “hard sciences” which includes pure mathematics, physics, computer science, astronomy, physical oceanography, meteorology and others, which require a lot of dedication, a lot of patience, a lot of implementation, installation and integration of computer systems, coding of equations of motion and other physics equations, code compiling in Linux systems with shared and distributed memory, and so it takes time for a new group to become productive, to publish its results and so have access to the public funding system. In order to become productive, the group needed high-performance machines, which are highly expensive. Without approving projects, the group could not buy high performance computers, and without computers, could not develop scientific results that deserved to be publish, and therefore did not approve projects.

That is a challenging situation…

But the group faced the challenge and started doing consultancy for engineering companies, and so the money to purchase high performance computers began to enter. That is how we established the Atlantis Institute, which is operating in the consultancy market and development of R&D projects since 2005. Part of the funds has always been dedicated to support the Atlantis scholarship program, which pays stipends to students in several universities.

After 10 years of experience in the city of Rio Grande, RS, the group decided to modernize and expand its activities, and so came the need to be located in a larger city which can offer access to larger markets and more options in the financial/economical system. So the group moved to the city of Curitiba, PR. The expansion didn’t stop in Curitiba. In 2015 we started our branch in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is focused in the Oil & Gas market, offering several services and R&D projects in the areas of Marine Technology, Petroleum Technology and Environmental Technology.